Qualitäts-Wiki: Features

  • Automated control of documents with version control and history of changes
  • Administrative routines 100% Wiki-based (e.g. internal audits)
  • Individually configurable review and approval workflow
  • Analysis and storage of indicator measuring results in Qualitäts-Wiki
  • Social media communication tools like sharing, blogs and comments
  • Searching and linking profiles, pages and dosuments in realtime
  • Personal user profile with professional task management
  • Multiple languages can be configured for menu bars and page content
  • Easy-to-use text and design editors for self dependent process design
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Qualitäts-Wiki: Benefit

Easy-to-use system with content that expands iteratively by employee participation

Executives and employees design their processes in their own wording

Know-how of your organization integrates directly in process improvements

Admininstrative routine tasks can be automated in Qualitäts-Wiki, e.g. audit process or supplier performance evaluation

All standards can be described, referenced, linked and uploaded in Qualitäts-Wiki


Is my QM system vivid? Our vitality index:

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  • Detailed article in QZ (German Download, PDF) about ProCase Wiki management system .
  • Business case study about ProCase (German Download, PDF).
  • How your road to Wiki can look like.
  • You can apply for a free test account for Qualitäts-Wiki here.
  • You will find answers for frequently asked questions about Qualitäts-Wiki here.
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Our customer ProCase GmbH about it‘s certified Qualitäts-Wiki:

"Das QM-System gibt mir und meinen Mitarbeitern durch seine Einfachheit und Transparenz tatsächlichen Nutzen und ist die Basis für weitere kontinuierliche Verbesserungen."

Thomas Schweighart
Inhaber und Geschäftsführer,
ProCase GmbH

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